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As if an entire page on this website isn't titled "ABOUT ME", I'm giving you my first post 3 things about me. But in all honesty, my favorite thing is getting to know people, so if you wanna let me know how cool you guys are....go ahead and comment 3 things about you under this post. Trust me. I LOVE IT. kk lets do this!

  1. I am overly sentimental. No but seriously. I feel things SO hard. its almost like somebody needs to kick me every once in awhile cause I just don't know when to stop feeling. I'm at the point where I wanna just straight up turn my emotions off...That shit is NO joke. Also If someone compliments me on instagram...that's the deal breaker, lets be friends for life. But then if I message somebody something nice and they only reply with heart emojis..I almost start crying. I tend to get sentimental about locations. The first time I flew on a plane by myself, it was out of the Nashville airport (where I was living at the time, which didn't last more than 6 months but that train wreck needs to be saved for later.) to Charlotte, NC to go see my now Fiance...for the first time..as in...meeting him...in person...for the first time. (Again..saving that for another post). But because the reason for flying by myself to NC out of Nashville was so significant..I feel so attached to that place. YES I AM EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO AN AIRPORT. KILL ME NOW. Basically what I'm trying to say is I am an emotional rollercoaster. Are you relating to me yet?

  2. Adventurous. I DO NOT want to be sitting around on my phone all day. Okay maybe that was a bit of a lie. When I'm alone I proudly take the title of "Couch Potato" but when I'm with other people I get this sudden urge to climb Mount Everest. I'm not kidding guys. It's like being a kid in a candy store, your attention span is maxed out because all you want to do is engage in candy. & all I wanna do is engage in anything but being inside when there's a WHOLE world full of activities to do. -Little side note, if you wanna be friends and do fun things like climb tall mountains and eat candy, may that be another reason to comment down below (;

  3. I am fascinated by the things I fear. For example, I am absolutely terrified of planes. TERRIFIED. Every time I board a plane, I make mental notes of all the passengers. "Do these look like the type people that would be involved in a plane crash?" Do I silently party in my head when the passenger takes his seat next to me and I KNOW that if this window miraculously breaks, he'll be able to pull me back into the plane before I get sucked out into oblivion..duh. I know, its wild to think about. I constantly have nightmares about planes falling out of the sky. So I guess just call me Chicken Little. But instead of allowing this fear to control me, I get my butt on a plane anyway & I even take the window seat because "Balance".

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