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My story of being a Conservative.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Politics. Most people cringe at the word. They either don't have enough knowledge to talk about it, or they don't have enough patience.

You could say I had my first taste of politics when I was greeted with a quiz in 4th grade that would tell me if I was a Republican or a Democrat. I wish I was joking.

Just so you know a bit about my background, my father is an immigrant. Born in South Africa he came to America and became a United States Citizen. My Vovo (grandmother) worked for the US Embassy in Portugal for many years. My husband also serves in the Army. So you could say patriotism runs in my family.

I am now 24 years old but I started becoming more interested in politics when I was entering Senior year in High-school and it was Romney vs Obama in 2012. I was tired of suppressing my views and opinions in my head. I would go on Facebook rants, but I wouldn't necessarily rant off of facts, I would just speak on how I was feeling.

As our country was nearing the end of Obama's second term, and candidates were gearing up for the 2016 election, I really started to find my voice.

By this time, I was going to a college conservatory in NYC. I'm sure you can imagine just how great that time was.

I was in a school with a maximum of ten conservative young adults.

The teachers were liberal and my classmates were liberal and they were not afraid to let you know. But I was. I was nervous to state my opinions for awhile, for I had to sit in class and listen to my teachers bash Trump and his supporters and I couldn't say anything for fear of my grade suffering or even my career, that didn't even start yet, being tarnished.

I was friends with a lot of those students on Facebook, soon realizing that wasn't the best idea.

In the spring of my second and final year there, the NYPD came to the school to do a shooter drill. I found myself debating a few of my peers about why I think the 2nd amendment is important and also why I think the drill was a good thing. It was four against one.

Later that evening, still being heated from defending my stand points on gun control, I went on one of my typical Facebook rants. I was then met with hundreds of comments attacking me for my views, all of them being from those same students I go to school with everyday.

Coming into school after that craziness, I felt uncomfortable. Walking into the school and being met with 'BERNIE' written on the board in gem stones and a Hilary Clinton sweater thrown at my face, I then decided to hold my ground.

Election Day 2016

I wasn't going to change my views, the morals that I had and was passionate about, just to fit in with a crowd, just to make my teachers or classmates happy.

I was going to vote for Donald Trump that coming November, and I wasn't going to hide it.

In the coming months leading up to the election, and the election itself, I was met with text messages, comments, and Dm's attacking me for being in support of DJT.

I was called a Racist, and was told that I had no respect for myself as a woman. I was called brainwashed, unintelligent and was told that I must have been abused and degraded so much to be able to vote for Trump. Just incredibly rude and ruthless insults that are too vulgar to post in here.

As hard as it may have been to receive a lot of hate, lose friends, and lose opportunities because of who I support, in the end I was far more better off because I was standing up for the things I believe in.

The past 3 1/2 years have been such a whirlwind over social media.

I had always kept my political posts strictly on Facebook or twitter, leaving instagram to be the place I post music and basically keep it free from politics especially considering I had/have a lot of followers who are liberal.

But as more time went on I felt like I was being silenced. I was afraid to post in fear of losing gig opportunities or my music tanking. I was letting them win without even realizing it.

According to the left, free speech is only good for those that agree with their ideologies.

That's when this past summer I went to Vegas to a Students for Trump launch party. I met so many great young conservatives and it was such a breath of fresh air to communicate with those that shared the same views as I did.

I then became an ambassador for Turning Point USA and since then have continuously talked openly about my views and my support for our president on Instagram.

I lose followers everyday, I get hate comments everyday, but my voice continues to get bigger and I realize that I have been inspiring those that are too afraid to come out as a conservative, or talking about their support for our president.

If you try and silence me, I am only going to come back 10x louder.

I am truly blessed to live in a nation where if you can dream it, you can do it.

My father is a great example of that.

I am truly blessed to live in a nation that fights for your freedom.

I am truly blessed to live in the United States of America.

Side note: If President Trump reads this, I would love to sing the anthem for you when you win four more years ;)

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William Henry
William Henry
Aug 18, 2022

Voting is not about how you feel about the candidate, it is how the candidate feels about you. There is one RULE OF THUMB, go for the one the MISLEADIA attacks. And everyone knows who the MISLEADIA supports.


Dec 01, 2020

Wonderful story! I received harassment from the left for being a bisexual conservative. Leftists are only tolerant if you agree with them!

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